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  1. Newborn Photographer Medina Oh
    The Studio
    Thankfully my husband really loves me!! When I asked him to make this wood backdrop stand, he looked at me like I was just a little crazy! But it turned out great!
  2. Medina Oh Photographer
    Wraps, Rompers and More
    Props! Props! Props! I'm such a typical girl! Just like our clothes, I feel like I never have enough! I have EVERYTHING you will you need for your custom session!
  3. Newborn Photographer Medina Oh
    Fabrics and Headbands
    Did I mention that I have shopping problem when it comes to supplies?!
  4. Newborn Photographer Medina Oh
    Headbans and Halos
    I'm pretty in love with headbands and halos! I'm constantly looking for new and beautiful pieces that will compliment your beautiful child!
  5. Family photographer medina oh
    Loveys and Props
    My basket full of lovey<3 Sometimes all your little one needs it a teeny tiny bear to snuggle.
  6. Photographer Lodi oh
    Not only do I love photographing your children, but I love coming up with new designs for you set just as much! Do I dare tell you I also have a storage room full of props?
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    The Bean Poser
    I start most newborn sessions using my bean poser. This poser is specifically designed for newborn photographers to help naturally pose your little one. I have a variety of covers that will compliment your session.
  8. medina oh photographer
    Botique Dresses
    Little Bear Photography is now offering boutique style dresses to add that special touch to your session!
  9. Medina Oh Photographer
    The Studio
The Beginning
When I started this adventure, I would spend hours packing and unpacking props and lights and fabrics in my car.  I would take EVERYTHING from house to house just to complete one session.  The hours spent doing this were becoming tedeous and truly taking away from the passion I had to do the session in the first place!  I was storing all my items in totes.  It was becoming diffucult to be creative and pull a session together when I couldn't visually see all my props.  With the neverending support from my family (especially my husband), we decided to turn an extra room in our home into a studio.  I was literally on cloud nine!! I have a place to store everything and ahhh, the creativity that can happen now! 

 This space is truly a dream come true.  As a client, I want you to feel comfortable and relaxed during your visit.  I have a seperate room where you can sit back and relax or feel free to pull up a chair and be part of the session!  If you would like more information on booking contact Little Bear Photography.   Don't forget to stop by The Portfolio page to view recent creations!
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