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So who is behind Little Bear Photography?  Let me jump right in!  My name is Lauren, I'm 37 years old, married for11 years to a man I instantly knew was "the one".  Together we have two beautiful children who happen to be my entire world.  We live a simple life, which also happens to be the life I always dreamed of.  We have 2 dogs, a mini horse and a mini donkey (who I absoutely adore).

During my later teen years, I enjoyed being behind the camera but had no idea what I was doing.  I took a few photography classes in college that were geared towards commercial photography and I immediately knew that wasn't my thing.  After having children of my own,  I wanted to photograph every single little moment.  As our children get older, time seems to go by even faster.  This was the true beginning of my love for photography.  Fast forward several years of photographing my children, I lost my father.  This truly opened my eyes to the other end of photography; wh
at we leave behind.  I  cherish the photos from my childhood.  A photo can make you smile, bring back a scent, bring back the feeling of love.  My passion is to give you this same memory.  I want your children to remember how you smelled, how your kisses felt on their cheeks, how dads beard scratched your face when he snuggled you.  This is what this journey means to me.  I want to share that with you.  The special connections family members have is the most precious thing. The hugging, kissing, crying and yes, even the temper tantrums .  I love it all.  These are the things life is really about.  My focus is capturing that feeling for you.  My passion is family photography.  I want to be there to capture all those moments that seem to pass by too quickly.


Little Bear Photography is my baby.  It's my creative outlet.  It's a way for me to show my work, track my growth as a photographer but most importantly, provide you with images that you and next generations will cherish.    This is something I truly enjoy doing and I hope our time spent together during our session will reflect that.   

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The video below is just a small peek at what a family session looks like.  I want you to be relaxed.  I want your kids to have fun and be silly.  I want to this to be a fun experience for you and your family.

Special thanks to my friend, Brad Ringstmeier, for the creation of this video.
medina oh photographer medina oh newborn photographer photographer medina oh photographers