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  1. This is your year moms
    03 Feb, 2018
    This is your year moms
    Let's face it.  Mom's today are busier than ever whether you are a stay at home mom or a working mom.  The constant juggling of schedule's, rushing from one event to the next, all the while you are suppose to look like you have it all together.  So let's just take a minute to face the facts.  Overtime, these tasks start to feel more and more like chores.  They just become part of our daily routine of things that need checked off our list.  Homework, check.  Basketball practice, check.  Pack
  2. Let's talk cake...
    14 Jan, 2018
    Let's talk cake...
    This past year, cake smash sessions have reached an ultimate high, pushing parents to come up with unique birthday party themes that no one else has done.  The bar has been set pretty high.  So what is next?  Where are 2018 cake smash sessions going?   This past year has been full of "winter one-derland" themes as well as "pink and gold" themes.  While these have been really cute themes, there are only so many versions of "pink and gold" that one person can do. This year, parents are going to
  3. Family Session
    08 Jan, 2018
    2018- A New Year
    So here we are, already plugging away at 2018!  This past year may have gone by faster than any previous year.  Maybe it's the age of my children or maybe we were just busier than ever.  Either way, in the blink of an eye, it's over.  January always seems to be a month of reflection.  It's what most of us photographers refer to as "the slow season".  The craziness of the fall season and Christmas rush are now over and it's time to start planning our sessions for the year to come. So this is my
  4. Ivy
    28 Dec, 2016
    Oh sweet little Ivy.  She was such a sweet little thing!!  She was just 10 days old when her parents brought her in for her session.  Back in October, we did a maternity session where Ivy's parents wanted to include these cute little cowboy boots.  Of course we had to use them again during her session! The safest place she will ever be is in mom and dads hands. Thank you for stopping by the blog!  We love getting feedback from you so your comments are encouraged!  We always appreciate shares
  5. Landon
    15 Dec, 2016
    This was not a typical newborn session since Landon was already 7 weeks old.  Typically, I do newborn session between 5-11 days old.  He ended up being one of the sleepiest babies I've ever had!! Mom and Dad were head over heels for this little guy!  It's not hard to see why! The sweetest little lips:) We stated out with awake images.  Look at those blue eyes! Landon needed a little feeding break.  When I came back in the room, we had the sleepiest little guy! Thank you for stopping by the
  6. Fall 2016
    01 Oct, 2016
    Fall 2016
    Anyone that knows me, knows that fall is my favorite time of the year!  It also happens to me be many of my clients favorite time as well!  I kind of going missing during October to give my clients what they want lol  Please enjoy a look at some of my favorites from this fall. Thank you for stopping by the blog!  We love getting feedback from you so your comments are encouraged!  We always appreciate shares as well!  To learn more about the artist behind Little Bear Photography, stop by the
  7. Tree Farm- Troutman Family
    12 Dec, 2016
    Tree Farm- Troutman Family
    As most of us know, winters in Medina Oh. can be really really cold!!  We had to reschedule this session a few times before we had a warm enough day to do this session.  We could not have had a better evening!!  Snuggles from mom and dad warmed these girls right up!  I usually start each session with traditional photos.  I want your children to warm up to me and feel completely relaxed. These girls sure do love mom and dad! Once the kiddos know it's time to have fun, that's when we get those


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